About Us

Cook Accounting, PC is a small Bountiful, Utah CPA firm that provides personal service to each and every client in a confidential and friendly way. My name is Kelley A. Cook, CPA, and as the owner, have been providing tax, accounting and computer consulting services for many years.

Cook Accounting Office

I graduated from Brigham Young University and went to work in Salt Lake City, Utah at a National CPA Firm. After a couple of years I realized that I have a special inclination for working with individuals and small business owners, having grown up in a small town in Northern Utah.

Today, our clients appreciate the close, considerate method of helping them run their businesses, almost always saving them more in taxes than our overall fee. You see we are also a small business and understand the sacrifices needed to make your business profitable, while keeping taxes as low as possible under the current tax system.

Back in 1996, I started working with QuickBooks(R) Accounting Software. Immediately we came to realize the simplified method QuickBooks(R) uses to help people run their business. QuickBooks(R) is flexible enough to run almost any kind of business. We started having all our clients use that program and still recommend QuickBooks(R) Accounting Software as a standard for all of our current clients.

To introduce QuickBooks(R) to those interested, including new clients that come to us, we started offering QuickBooks(R) training seminars. We have several different types of seminars including such things as, "An introduction to QuickBooks(R)", "How to Run a Profitable Business Using QuickBooks(R)", and "How to Use Job Costing with QuickBooks(R)." There are quite a number of seminars that we teach. Let me know if you need some training.

Many clients want our personal assistance at their offices, so we offer that too. We do this by coming to your office occasionally or on a regular basis. We sit at your computer in your office and with your assistance, fix problems or make needed adjustments to your QuickBooks(R) data. We also train you while you operate your computer. We encourage you to take notes, so that you too can become proficient at operating QuickBooks(R) Accounting Software.

Remote processing from our office is available to fix problems on your computer at your office while you watch your computer screen. We usually do this in conjunction with a telephone call so we can communicate things that need to be done.

You can also use our secure portal where you send us a backup of QuickBooks(R) through a secure WebSite Portal. (Note: This similar to e-mail, but can handle large files in a secure way, unlike normal e-mail.) We then make adjustments that are needed and put the backup back into the secure portal, for you to retreive. You can then restore your QuickBooks(R) data file to your computer. If you sign up for our quarterly accounting service we will do this for you on a regular basis. That way, you can monitor your profits throughout the year and your books are ready for income taxes at year's end.

If all this sounds good, give us a call to get signed up as a client. We are now accepting new clients. We prefer you get with us as soon as possible, because we get really busy from January through April. It does not matter whether you are located across the street or across the country, as long as you have an internet connection, we can work together.

Oh, by the way, we also use Lacerte(R) Income Tax Software, a company owned by Intuit, Inc. the company that also owns QuickBooks(R). When your year-end data comes to us in QuickBooks(R), it is a snap for us to import the data right into the tax return. We prepare tax returns for both individuals and businesses. And we are very proficient at that. We usually save you more in taxes than our overall fee.